Homelessness and covid-19

Millions of people worldwide are forced to sleep on the street and that number is growing by the minute. The corona crisis only exacerbates this problem. With the introduction of the 1.5-meter distance rule, there are fewer places in the night shelter. A number of reception centers have even had to close completely because of corona. This means that it is becoming increasingly difficult for homeless people to receive the help they so urgently need.

Sleeping outside together, but everyone from their own home.

To draw attention to homelessness in times of corona, Sheltersuit organizes "Give 8 for Aid" on August 8th. With this action, Sheltersuit calls on everyone to sleep one night, 8 hours, outside, donate € 8,- and challenge 8 friends to do the same. You can sleep in the open air with a sleeping bag in your own garden, on the balcony or on the roof terrace. Sleeping outside together for the homeless, but each from his or her own home. Completely corona-proof.

Do you support me?

You can help by supporting and donating to this action. Help Sheltersuit keep the homeless warm through the winter with their Sheltersuits and Shelterbags.