Frequently Asked Questions

Why sleep outside?
Homeless people sleep outside every night. We challenge you to experience one night what it’s like to be homeless. This way you can experience at first hand what it’s like to have to sleep on the street and we create more awareness for the homelessness problem.

Can I also sign up with someone?
Sure you can! You can participate as an individual, but also as a team (min. 2 and max. 8 persons). The more sleepers participate in this action, the more money we can raise for the homeless. So bring along as many friends as possible.

How do I get sponsors?
We will give you your personal action page, which you can spread among your sponsors so that they can support your action with a donation. For example, share your page on WhatsApp or Facebook.

Is there a minimum amount I have to raise to participate?
There is a minimum amount of 8 euros for each sleeper. These are the costs you pay when you register. Once you have paid these participation fees, you are assured of participation. But the more money you can raise, the better of course. This way you can make your night outdoors extra impactful.

Why is everyone invited to donate exactly 8 euros?
For all participants a personal action page is created on which they are invited to sponsor them for 8 euros, and the participants themselves also donate 8 euros once to be able to take part in this action. This 8 euro is symbolic for the 8 hours of sleep that people need on average on a night.

Where can I sleep?
Sleepers can choose where they sleep, as long as it is outside. For example with a sleeping bag in your own garden, on the balcony or on the roof terrace.

Why don’t we all sleep in the same place? That’s much cozier, isn’t it?
Preferably we would have spent the night with you on a large square. Unfortunately, in times of corona, that’s not justified. That’s why we choose this hybrid. Together we sleep outside for the homeless, but each from his or her own house – totally corona-proof

How should I prepare?
Make sure you have a good sleeping bag and dress warm. Even in the summer it can cool down quite a bit in the evening. Don’t forget to bring your phone so you can post updates on social media at night.

I cannot participate in this action, but I would like to support the cause. Is that possible?
We are very happy with every donation. You can donate directly to Sheltersuit via this website. Or, even more fun, scroll through the participant pages and sponsor one of the participants. This way you support the charity, and give someone a boost.

What happens to the proceeds?
The proceeds will go to the Sheltersuit Foundation. Also look under the heading ‘About Sheltersuit’ to read more about the foundation and its activities.